We at Basstar are excited to be honored with the Innovation Award by Tackle Tour.  We have been a fan of the independent site that over the year has grown to be the place where you can find answers and recommendations for all your fishing needs.

A little taste of the review

Conclusion: Basstar has a number of innovative baits including their topwater baits as well as the Dredger weighted lip deep diving crankbait, so it is really no surprise that the company came up with the clever SpinTech hooks. These innovative hooks bring a feature made popular on big swimbaits to any hardbait that anglers choose to put the SpinTech hooks on. The design of these hooks is both clever and well implemented and the hooks not only help keep fish pinned but also are able to hold up well to abuse over the long term. Will anglers that already loyal to one brand of hook be willing to try the SpinTech hooks? They certainly are worth a look and arming your favorite lure with these hooks only increases your chance of landing fish, making that lucky lure even more lethal. It is hard to innovate in hook design but Basstar manages to do just that with the inventive SpinTech hooks, a worthy recipient of our Innovation Award.

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