Thanks to New Jersey Fishing Reports on giving us a product review on their site. Take a look and see what they had to say…

SpinTech Treble Hooks

Fish on! you cry. The
rod is bouncing.

Oh no, you think. The
line went slack.

What happened?

You reel up and check.

The hook’s still there.

Spit hook.


Nothing you can do
about that.

Or is there?

SpinTech Treble Hooks, from the BassStar Bait Company, are built to reduce the chances of the fish throwing the hook.

The treble hooks are the world’s first that spin, the company says.

Typical treble hooks experience leverage and torque that can pry the hook out of the fish’s mouth, it says.

The SpinTech’s rotation is meant to eliminate the locking problem, repositioning with the changing fight, providing more fluid control over
the fish.

The pin that the line is tied to drops directly down the center of the
treble hook, remaining balanced, promoting maximum performance, BassStar says.

SpinTech Treble Hooks are available for both freshwater and saltwater fishing in a standard metallic finish or a red finish.

The hooks are available in sizes 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0,2/0 and 3/0, and more sizes are planned.

Fish on! you cry.

Now the fish is more likely to stay on.