To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 14 years old junior bass fisherman in Valdosta Georgia . I have qualified for the Junior State tournament 2 years in a row. I fish almost every weekend and I fish at least two tournaments a month. I also fish multiple bass clubs in and around Valdosta . I am just looking for full or partial sponsors as a junior or any free gear that will help me for upcoming evens. I will include all of my sponsor’s logos on my jersey, which will be made in November. I have the Georgia Junior Top Six Tournament in March 2011 at my favorite lake, which is Lake Eufaula . I fish this lake a lot including many wins against adults and other junior anglers in my club. I will practice a lot and hope to do very well in the tournament. I hope to look forward to talking to you and your company.

Thank you,

Dudley Stanaland