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Resolution of potentiometer

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Resolution of potentiometer

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The resolution of potentiometer depends on the theoretical accuracy. For wire-wound potentiometers and linear potentiometers, resolution is expressed as a percentage of the total resistance with the change in resistance caused by each turn of moving contact on the winding. For potentiometers with functional characteristics, resolution is a variable due to the difference in resistance of each turn on the winding. At this time, the resolution of potentiometer generally refers to the average resolution of the curve with the maximum slope. Sliding noise is the characteristic noise of potentiometer. When the resistance value is changed, due to improper distribution of the potentiometer resistance, improper coordination of the rotating system and the presence of contact resistance of the potentiometer, the moving contact will move on the surface of the resistance body. In addition to useful signals, the output end is accompanied by noise that fluctuates with the signal.

For wire-wound potentiometer, besides the contact noise between the moving contacts and windings mentioned above, there are resolution noise and short connection noise. Resolution noise is caused by the step change of resistance, while short circuit noise is generated when the moving contact moves on the winding and the adjacent wire turns are short. It is proportional to the current flowing through the winding, the resistance of wire turns and the contact resistance between the moving contact and the winding.

Coincidence degree, also called coincidence degree, refers to the coincidence degree between the actual output function characteristics of potentiometer and the required theoretical function characteristics. It is expressed by the percentage of the maximum deviation between the actual and theoretical characteristics of the total external voltage, which can represent the precision of the potentiometer.

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