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Double potentiometer action

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Double potentiometer action

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Double potentiometer action

Action one: can adjust the volume of two sound channels respectively at the same time.

Action 2: obtain the output voltage that is related to the input voltage (applied voltage).

Linear potentiometer action

1. Precision potentiometer: used for precision adjustment under small voltage (operation panel of precision equipment)

2. Angular displacement potentiometer, linear displacement potentiometer (gyroscope, sound system control part)

Patch sliding adjustable potentiometer action

1. The patch sliding adjustable potentiometer is a continuously adjustable resistor. When the rotating handle or sliding handle is adjusted, the moving contact will slide on the resistor body. At this time, the output terminal of the patch sliding adjustable potentiometer can obtain the output voltage which is related to the applied voltage of the potentiometer and the rotation Angle or stroke of the movable arm. This voltage is the partial voltage function of the patch sliding adjustable potentiometer in its process.

2. When used as a rheostat, when the patch sliding adjustable potentiometer is connected to the devices at both ends, a smooth and continuously changing resistance value can be obtained within the range of the potentiometer's travel. At this time, the patch sliding adjustable potentiometer ACTS as a rheostat.

3. When one of the selected current output ends of the chip sliding adjustable potentiometer is the leading end of the sliding contact, the patch sliding adjustable potentiometer can be used as a current controller.

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