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It is widely used to adjust the potentiometer of earphone

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It is widely used to adjust the potentiometer of earphone

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The potentiometer is widely used in earphones. There are about 10 kinds of potentiometers that can be used on the headset, and they can be divided into many kinds depending on the material and the appearance and color.

Application 1. Hands-free mobile phone.

Earphones such as mobile phone earphones are used to listen to music and receive earphones, which require small size and high sound quality. This kind of earphone requires the potentiometer to be small in size, good in life, good in sound quality and so on. Generally, the model of youxingda electronic factory is adopted. R080G - 10/1 - B500 Ω potentiometer and R09N - 12/1.9 - B1K both. Especially the LG chocolate phone dopod mobile phones and headsets with R080G - 10/1 - B500 Ω the rotation of the potentiometer, and the other with R09N - 12/1.9 - B1K, more recently, there is also a part of nokia headset use C0510Q - B500 Ω. Their common characteristic is small, high requirements. This is also the dongguan auspicious electronic co., LTD. Is one of the most advantage of the potentiometer.

Application 2. Computer headset.

Generally speaking, computer earphone especially Internet cafe earphone potentiometer is the most common. Almost every headset USES a tuner headphone potentiometer. Internet cafe headset general friends xingda electronics factory model: r1001gs-14/1-b1k this potentiometer. Text description: diameter 14MM, thickness 1MM, double dead, B1K dial potentiometer. There is also a part of the chaoyang headset manufacturers use R1001GS - 14/1 - B500 Ω the potentiometer. The difference between them is the resistance. B500 Ω potentiometer because impedance small point, relative to adjust the sound to the most loudly when feeling is large, but there is no 1 k good stereo feeling. It all depends on the market demand. Depending on the case of the headset, it can be equipped with black or white knobs or even other colored knobs. The above is small make up about the wide application of tuning headphone potentiometer!

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